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How can I submit a Change to my Information on the Website2023-12-06T21:22:40+00:00

We have an online form where you can submit your request directly to our Webmaster, Char to make it fast & easy! Submit your information at any time and changes will be done within 7 business days. You can also contact Char directly at [email protected]

Will someone be able to help me with my Website and Social Media2023-11-13T18:34:01+00:00

We do provide complimentary help with all social media and websites through our website developer. This offer includes:

  • Help linking back to
  • *Help setting up a Google Business Profile *Requires a Google/ email account
  • Logo Creation/Branding Assistance through Canva
  • Social Media presence questions and support
  • Assistance and guidance with blogging & proper SEO techniques on your own website

Please note that we cannot create your profiles on social media for you but we are able to assist with issues you may be having including setting up a google/gmail account, social media profile connection problems, account issues and other common issues. You are welcome to contact our website developer directly for all issues and questions.

What Information will you need from me for

All information can be submitted online using our New Salon Suite Intake Form and Existing Salon Suite Change form!

If you already have a website then the information is minimal:

  1. Salon Name/Business Name
  2. Suite # you have been assigned
  3. Web Address
  4. Email
  5. List of Services/Categories offered by Salon Suite
  6. Submit a Testimonial for Gjetos Salon Suites on Google from Salon Owner saying Why You Chose Gjetos:
  7. Salon Contact Info:
    1. Your Name
    2. Email
    3. Phone
  8. We also require at least one link on your website pointing to (

If you do NOT have a personal website then we will be making you your own profile page on our site (see this example: Creative Edge Hair Designs) and we will need more extensive information:

  1. Suite #
  2. Portrait type photo of each owner IN or IN FRONT OF your salon
  3. Pics inside and out of each salon
  4. PNG or JPG High Resolution Digital Logo
  5. Salon Bio/Owner Bio – About the Salon/About the Salon Owner(s)
  6. List of Services/Categories offered by Salon Suite
  7. Testimonials from Clientelle – up to 10
  8. Testimonial from Salon Owner saying Why You Chose Gjetos: Please submit a review for Gjetos Salon Suites here:
  9. Before and After photos of clients depicting services done (With description if possible)
  10. Salon contact info
  1. Phone
  2. Email
  3. Social Media URL’s – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, TikTok, Google Business, YouTube, etc.
What Categories can I be listed under on GjetosSuites.com2023-11-13T18:19:35+00:00
You can choose from the below Salon Categories or submit your own custom categories:
  •  Barber
    •  Traditional Shave
  •  Blowouts
  •  Bridal Services
  •  Dermaplaning
  •  Eyelash Extensions
  •  Facials
  •  Hair
    •  Balayage
    •  Children’s Haircut
    •  Color
    •  Extensions
    •  Formal Styles & Updo’s
    •  Hair Treatment
    •  Highlights
    •  Lowlights
    •  Ombre
    •  Perm
    •  Toner
  •  Haircut
    •  Men’s Haircut
    •  Women’s Haircut
  •  Lash Fills
  •  Makeup
  •  Manicure
  •  Massage
  •  Micro Needling
  •  Microblading
  •  Nails
  •  Pedicure
  •  Permanent Makeup
  •  Plasma Fibroblast
  •  Tattoo Removal
  •  Waxing
How big are your Salon Suites?2022-11-18T16:55:31+00:00

Gjeto’s offers several size suites. Suites range from 100 to 144 sqft.

Do I have to pay for my own Advertising?2022-12-20T21:06:30+00:00

Advertising & promoting your business is up to you. You probably already have a large enough client base with repeat business and client referrals if you are considering a Salon Suite. Gjeto’s does offer you a presence on where anyone searching our site can find your services and view your profile.* Your profile page will include your salon logo, bio, services, contact information, link to book an appointment, your photo if you wish it, testimonials & a photo gallery. If you already have a website then you can choose to have your profile link directly to your website.

*Salon owners choosing to take advantage of our profile page will be required to submit their profile details to us so that we can build out your page. See example: Creative Edge Hair Salon

What are the salon suite rental prices?2023-02-07T18:01:27+00:00

Salon Suite Pricing varies based on the size of the suite and our availability. Contact us today to book a tour or for a pricing quote!

What is a Salon Suite?2022-10-04T21:18:04+00:00

With a Salon Suite, the “owners” are renting out an upscale dedicated private “mini” salon inside a salon complex which allows individual beauty professionals to own their own salon without all the overhead expenses and keep 100% of their revenue. You get to choose when you work, the products you sell and the services you offer!

What do I need to get started at Gjetos Suites?2022-12-05T17:40:51+00:00

Schedule a Tour with us to come and view our suites and we will provide you with all of the start up information & paperwork needed. The sooner you get started, the sooner you will be your own business owner!

What is included in Gjetos Salon Suites?2023-11-13T19:03:37+00:00

Gjetos Salon Suites include:

  • Complimentary Laundry Service
  • High-end Styling Chairs
  • High-end Shampoo Bowls & Sinks
  • Utilities
  • Public Bathrooms
  • Dedicated Reception Area
  • Guest Wi-Fi
  • Inclusion on our website including either a link to your website or a FREE Profile page
  • Scheduling and other complimentary features
What are the benefits?2023-11-13T19:04:32+00:00

There are many benefits to being a salon owner at Gjeto’s Salon Suites! Here are just a few:

  • You are the BOSS
  • Your own Private Suite
  • 24/7 Access
  • You can make your own hours and schedule
  • No start-up costs to open a new store
  • You get to keep all of your profits
  • Increase your earning potential
  • Style & Decorate your Suite to match your brand
  • Choose what products you want to sell & promote
  • Choose which services you want to offer
  • Give your clients a personal customer experience
  • FREE inclusion on our website including either a link to your website or a FULL Profile page
What are your Leasing Requirements?2022-10-04T21:45:19+00:00

To request a Salon Suite you will need to complete our application process.* If there are no Suites available then completing the application will place you on the priority waiting list and you will be among the first contacted when a Salon Suite opens up.

In order to lease a Salon Suite you will also be required to have a current state issued license, general liability and professional liability coverage and have submitted the security deposit.

*Completing the application does not guarantee you a Suite, or mean that you are required to lease from us.

What is the difference between a Salon Suite and renting a Chair at an ordinary salon?2022-10-04T21:03:40+00:00

The easiest way to explain the difference between a traditional salon and a salon suite is ownership. In a traditional salon you can rent a chair or space and you typically pay a commission to the salon. With a Salon Suite, the “owners” are renting out an upscale dedicated private “mini” salon inside a salon complex which allows individual beauty professionals to own their own salon without all the overhead expenses and keep 100% of their revenue. What makes this type of business enticing is that salon suite owners can rent space in an attractive and established salon at a reasonable price and be their own boss while earning a decent living.

Can I decorate and/or Paint my Suite?2022-10-04T21:21:44+00:00

Yes! You can paint and decorate your suite to suit your style and business. Any major changes would need approval.

Can I share my Suite with another professional?2022-10-04T21:47:11+00:00

Absolutely! We have several different size Suites that will accommodate more than one professional. For more information Schedule a Tour or call us directly at 248-349-9003

What are the Business Hours? 2022-10-04T21:48:14+00:00

Gjeto’s Salon Suites are open from 9am to 8pm every day but as a salon owner, your operating hours are up to you. Your suite is available to you 24/7 and is individually locked. You can have standard business hours or make your salon available by appointment only!

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